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TENSE OF VERBS Note the following sentence carefully. 1.I play cricket. 2.I played cricket. 3.I shall played cricket.       In the 1st sentence the speaker ‘I’ does something while he speaks of. So the verb ‘play’ is in the present tense.       Similarly in the 2nd sentence the verb ‘played’ is in the past tense and in the 3rd sentence ‘shall play’ is in the future tense, i.e. the latter two verbs say the action of the past and the future. There are three kinds o Tense 1.Present Tense. 2.Past Tense. 3.Future Tense. 1.  Present Tense        (i) Present Indefinite Tense.       (ii) Present Continuous Tense.       (iii) Present Perfect Tense.       (iv) Present Perfect Continuous Tense. 2. Past Tense        (i) Past Indefinite Tense.       (ii) Past Continuous Tense.       (iii) Past Perfect Tense.       (iv) Past Perfect Continuous Tense. 3. Future Tense        (i) Future Indefinite Tense.       (ii) Future Continuous Tense.       (iii) Future Perfect Tense.